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Community Resource Coordination Groups (CRCG) of Texas

Information about Local CRCGs

There are 150 local Community Resource Coordination Groups (CRCGs) available to all 254 Texas counties. Each of these CRCGs have elected a CRCG Chairperson to serve in a leadership role on this interagency team. The CRCG chairperson usually is a representative from a public or private child-serving agency who serves on the CRCG. The CRCG chairperson typically serves a minimum of a one-year term. As a general rule, the CRCG Chairperson is not monetarily compensated for serving as the CRCG Chairperson. The chairperson serves as a point of contact for his/her local CRCG.

Local CRCG contact information for any Texas county can be accessed by clicking on the county name below. In many cases, a  CRCG may serve more than one county.

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