This tool allows content providers to create an encoded HTML string for e-mail hyperlinks that will deter SPAM bots from detecting and copying e-mail address for unsolicited use.  Studies have shown that 90% of SPAM is generated from e-mail addresses posted on publicly available sites.  This tool will encode the entire e-mail address string and should prevent most bots from finding and copying an e-mail address for unauthorized use.  The encoding is based on HTML 3.2 specifications of ISO Latin-1.

Type or copy-paste the e-mail address you want to encode.  Click the 'encode' button.  You will see a long string of characters in the output field.  To use this string in your website simply copy-paste this string into the <a href="encode string"> section of the hyperlink.  You can verify that the code is working properly by hovering over the hyperlink and looking at the status bar on the bottom of your browser window to see if the desired e-mail is displayed.

This tool applies the HTML code underlying an e-mail hyperlink.  You may be vulnerable to SPAM bots if you write out the actual e-mail address in the hyperlinked text.  You can avoid giving SPAM bots useful information by adding a space, period or underscore in the hyperlinked text.

Type or copy e-mail address:

Encoded E-mail Address: (includes 'mailto:')