Skelton Studios offers a range of services from logo design to complex web applications, including integrated systems using backend databases. If you want to get it all done, from securing a URL, web hosting, design of your site and maintenance as needed, I can build it for you! In addition to web applications, I can provide desktop solutions using MS Office and VBA.

The entire website has been developed, tested and deployed for the client, including the logo. The site features a section for processing credit card payments to the client's account (section currently deactivated).

Parole Texas
Website for Susan Ashley, a Houston-based lawyer specializing in matters involving parole and parole packets.

Demo: CSS-Driven Prison Bars Animation This is an experiment in creating a web page layer effect using CSS and PHP.  No image files were used, just CSS and SVG.

Youth Advocacy Projects (YAP) Voice
This site is no longer active. The key feature on this site is the use of a listserver. Site built using Linux, Apache and PHP.

Database-driven Search Engine
This was developed for the Community Resource Coordination Groups (CRCGs) of Texas, a project under Health and Human Services (HHSC), Texas. I developed this search tool to help the public locate their local CRCG group. This link is for demonstration purposes only. No actual contact information is provided.

If you would like to know more about CRCGs, click here. I designed the entire CRCG website but no longer have any connection to the content or any future designs.

Book Search Engine
This search engine uses ISDBN's free search tool. This is demonstration project, where search is by ISBN. Results display new and used prices with hyperlinks to online retailers.

Logo Development

With the State of Texas:
CASO (Case Analysis, Special Operations)

WAFERS (Waste, Abuse and Fraud Electronic Referral System) Logo

CRCG Toolbox

Private website projects:
YAP Voice (Youth Advocacy Project)

Criminal Law Institute, Inc.

Publications on is a recognized industry leader in software development and is referenced in Microsoft's flagship Visual Studio products in the on-line help assistance.

Automate Your Classic ASP Web Forms

How To Output RTF-formatted Documents with ASP

I have a few other articles in, including a selected 'tip of the year', Word-wrap ASP Output on Long Strings with No Blanks

Programming and Design

Database-driven Internet and Office VBA Solutions
I have worked on several complex systems including desktop VBA applications tied to web applications using SQL Server. Below are detailed discussions of several production projects.

Youth Advocacy Project - Access to Excel Charting

Single Audit Determination System - Webform, Javascript, SQL Server, Access

CASO Work Request System - Webform, SQL Server, Access

Publications to Print
My work with the Community Resource Coordination Groups (CRCGs) of Texas involved extensive work on layout and design for print. Quark, Illustrator and Photoshop were the principle programs used for these projects.

CRCG 2002 Annual Report - Calendar and Data Report

CRCG 2002 Conference Registration Packet - Cover featurers a workable maze in the shape of Texas

CRCG New Member Guide - Standard publication designed by CRCG for distribution to new CRCG representatives

Skill Set:

  • .NET (C#, VB, ASP), SQL Server, WinForms/SQL CE, Access Forms and Application development, VBA for Applications, MySQL/PHP, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Quark
  • Data-driven web applications, graphic design for web or print, desktop automation
  • Automation of business processes from a lifetime of "cube living"

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